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A place to Connect, Share an Promote dem

WeCiE be network wey dem born out of di need to increase di work wey specialist women wey nor be white dem dey do for wetin we dey call gender-based violence during di time wey emergency or fight happen for dem country an oda place. Dis forum give us space for individual specialist dem to connect to women wey no be white around di world, make dem share experience an solution dem, exchange resources, an to join hand work togeda on opportunity wey go come. If you wan know more about awa memba dem, please click on di page for memba dem to read wetin dem don dey do since. You still also fit click on OurView blog to read, look an hear from awa memba dem direct. If you be woman wey no be white wey dey work for field of Violence Wey Dey Come from Gender for emergency time - we create dis space for you, an we hope say you go join us for di network.

Join for hia. We go dey wait to see you inside awa forum an for awa events dem.


Our #AlwaysBeenHere speaker series featured a number of truly courageous women at forefront of the driving change in their countries and elsewhere.



You do well!

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